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  Monday, June 27, 2022



Yemeni Air Force Soldiers Rise against Commander

TEHRAN (FNA)- Hundreds of officers and soldiers protested inside the International Sana'a Airport on Sunday, demanding the country's authorities to sack Air Force Commander Mohammad Saleh Al-Ahmar, a half-brother of ousted Dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to Yemen Post, five tanks and many military vehicles belonging to the Central Security and Special Guard Forces rushed to the airport with the aim of dispersing the protesting soldiers.

"However, Major General Ahmed Ali Al-Ashwal, Chief of the General Staff, immediately headed to the airport and ordered the forces not to assault approximately 500 protesters," a soldier said on the condition of anonymity, according to the report.

He further said that negotiations continue between Al-Ashwal and some officers of the Air Force, indicating that they insist Al-Ahmar should be fired and all their demands should be met.

Sources said that Guards of Al-Ahmar arrested an officer, Omar Al-Hatimi, who loudly criticized Al-Ahmar and threw his shoes at him inside a meeting hall of the Air Force.

Officers and troops complained that Al-Ahmar has trampled all their rights and failed to keep his promises.

The report said the soldiers were preparing to escalate their protests against Al-Ahmar in case all their demands are not met.

The revolution of institutions has hit many public authorities and resulted in the ouster of tens of corrupt officials in Yemen.

Among those high-ranking officials who lost their positions were Major General Ali Hassan Al-Shater, chief of the Armed Forces Moral Guidance Department and Abdul Khaleq al-Qadhi, chairman of Yemenia Airlines.



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