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  Monday, June 27, 2022



Banning Press TV could necessarily cut its voice?

Britain did all it could to make Press TV to disappear from the country's television screens for questionable reasons.

According to, After years of struggle to impede the operations of Iran's English news channel, Britain did all it could to make Press TV to disappear from the country's television screens for questionable reasons.

What did happen to Press TV in UK?

Ofcom revoked Press TV's license and removed the channel from the Sky platform on January 20 for what it claimed to be the news network's breach of the Communications Act. The British media regulator also served Press TV's London office with an order to pay a 100,000-pound fine.

Since its launch in 2007, Press TV has been a thorn in the side of Britain's right-wing and pro-Israeli groups who worked rigorously to limit its operations inside Britain as the mission of the channel was "to give a second eye to Western audiences,” as described by Press TV CEO, Mohammad Sarafraz.

In 2010, the whistleblower website WikiLeaks revealed that the US and British governments were engaged in "exploring ways to limit the operations of the IRIB's Press TV service, which operates a large bureau (over 80 staff) in London.”

Nevertheless, they needed a well-thought-out conspiracy as the revealed cable disclosed "UK law sets a very high standard for denying licenses to broadcasters. Licenses can only be denied in cases where national security is threatened, or if granting a license would be contrary to Britain's obligations under international law.”

The well-thought-out conspiracy started with several attacks on Press TV from British banks. The most blatant instance came in 2011 when the 84% state-owned National Westminster Bank, commonly known as NatWest, froze Press TV's account, leaving a devastating impact on the operations of Press TV Ltd., Press TV's production company in London.

In February 2011, the whistleblower website WikiLeaks revealed that NatWest had refused to respond to their requests asking for the reasons behind their decision.

Britain's latest attack on Press TV came on Friday when policy advisor to the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Ed Richards, decided to revoke the channel's broadcasting license.

The official reason behind the decision made by Ed Richard, who is currently the Controller of Corporate Strategy at the BBC and the head of Britain's Office of Communications (Ofcom), was that Press TV's editorial team was based in Tehran.

This comes as several other channels, including CNN and Al Jazeera, have their editorial teams in countries other than Britain, in other words, the US and Qatar.

Despite Britain's all-out efforts to prevent British people from being able to hear the voice of the voiceless, Iran's alternative news outlet still provides British people with its wide coverage of issues absent in the British media.



-'Press TV was menace to imperialist UK'

"To have a station like Press TV, which provides a different perspective [and] which isn't about broadcasting war propaganda to justify aggression against independent countries, really is dangerous for imperialist countries like Britain,” Lizzie Phelan An independent journalist said in an interview with Press TV.

Phelan described Ofcom as an "arm of the British state,” adding that the hostile and hypocrisy ridden measure of the British media regulator against Press TV marked "a very dark day for freedom in Britain.”

-'UK Press TV ban prelude to Iran war'

"All that is coming to deny Iran the ability of expressing really what is happening in Iran and the motives behind imperialist forces [who] are preparing to attack a country [which] never for the last three hundred years attacked anyone except defending itself against aggressors,” Saeb Shaath told Press TV in an exclusive interview.

"But to me, I see this is a real dark day for freedom of speech and a gross reminder of the Spanish Inquisition to silence the voice of Press TV, which gives a huge number of followers in the UK and EU an alternative point of view which underlies what is really going on in the world and that is what has scared them.”

-'Zionist Bicom behind UK Press TV ban'

The Zionist Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre (Bicom) has collaborated with the state-controlled British Office of Communications (Ofcom) to ban the alternative English-language channel Press TV in the UK, Ismail Salami, Iranian author and Middle East expert says.

"Apart from garnering support for the Zionist regime among Britons, the office also serves as a bridge between the Mossad and MI6,” with its current head, Lorna Fitzsimons, a member of the parliamentary lobby group Labor Friends of Israel (LFI), Salami elucidated

-UK ban on Press TV violates free speech

We saw the quotation in the Sunday Times one of Mr. Murdoch's Qatar newspapers, says George Galloway, former British MP,  in which a highly placed foreign office official was quoted directly saying that yes, efforts were been made to take Press TV off the air.

The Great Britain, Francis Bacon describes self-censorship as the arrow that flies in the night, because no one sees it but achieves its deadly effect. And this action today by Ofcom will undoubtedly cause self-censorship elsewhere in the media operating in Britain because people at the top of other media outlets will know that if they or the county to which they belong, false fowl of the British Anglo American foreign policy access that the same thing can happen to them

-Press TV ban says West democracy fake

Senior Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi says revoking Press TV's UK broadcasting license runs counter to Western claims of democracy and freedom of speech.

-'British govt. behind Press TV ban in UK'

Nevertheless, whatever OFCOM says, unfortunately the result of this is deeply political to certain viewpoints, Phil Rees, author and journalist in London

Indeed, Rupert Murdoch is allowed to say what he wants to in terms of warmongering in the Press and then when it comes to the broadcast media the laws here restrict debate because they see the parameters of debate as being defined by the political parties.

-'UK moving towards a fascistic state'

Lizzie Phelan, freelance journalist:

how ironic that here I am sitting in Damascus in Syria, which is a country being accused by the British state of lacking all the freedoms that we claim to hold so dear in Britain i.e. the one that you just mentioned, freedom of expression. Of course, Syria has been condemned for not allowing journalists into the country and today we have an arm of the British state for the first time closing down an international channel in its own borders.

Let's not forget that in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez closed down RCTV for a much less flimsier reason than they are giving for closing down Press TV - of course, he closed down RCTV because they were calling for his assassination no less - then the British state and the British press had a field day accusing him of lacking democracy in his country and cracking down on freedoms that we supposedly hold so dear and freedoms that we go around the world bombing other countries in the name of, not to mention Libya, which was being accused of a lack of democracy, freedom of speech, human rights, etc.

This is/was not the first time! Jamming signals keep disrupting IRIB

British technicians in Bahrain continue jamming the signal of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) channels on the Hotbird satellite provider. 
The transmission of jamming signals on frequency: 12437 MHz, horizontal position, symbol rate: 27500, FEC ¾ began on January 17, 2012.

The blocked channels include provincial channels and a number of international channels such as Press TV, Al-Alam, Al-Kowsar, Jame-Jam and Sahar.

The Eutelsat telecommunication giant declined to comment on the problem after IRIB contacted them for clarification.

How to watch Press TV in UK

Press TV viewers in the UK can continue to watch the news channel via the following satellites or by visiting the following websites despite the British Office of Communications (Ofcom) removing the channel from the Sky platform.

You can watch Press TV broadcast from anywhere in the world by visiting the following websites: 

· Press TV watch live services (Worldwide)

· Zattoo (Internet platform and IPTV. Supports PC, MAC, Linux and all tablet PCs and smartphones) (UK)

· OHTV Box (Internet Set-top box) (Worldwide)

· Roku Box (Internet Set-top box) (Worldwide) (Available in UK from January 2012)

. Livestation (Internet platform. Supports PC MAC, Linux and all tablet PCs and smartphones)

You could also view our broadcast through the following satellites:

Hot Bird 8 (13E) 

Eurobird 1 (28.5E) 

SES ASTRA (19/2E) 



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