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Name: Emon
City: Tehran
Date: 7/22/2007 9:09:49 AM
  Va alaikom assalam my brother!!
Name: raza
City: karachi
Date: 7/21/2007 2:25:42 PM
  salam alikum
Name: ahmad farahani
City: metro manila pilipinas
Date: 7/19/2007 1:48:22 PM
  salam .
salam ay shaheed aviny. today i fain you .im so sad , have anybady in iran remember war?????

man az del shekastegan jangam che bekonam beram to daman doshman ta komakam bekonan??
aga jonam galbam shekasteh. be har koja nazar kardam khabarey nashood.
na seday na hamrahy.
az dafatare amam ta haja emil zadam nameh neveshtam na javaby !!!!!!!
aga jon midony man ba komak amam hoseey bood shodam dideban tangh chazabeh filmsasazan nemidon dideban avarey pilipin shodeh.
az tapehay allah o akbar begam ya dashte abas ya padegan hamid ya sosanger ya ...... ramezan.
aga jon mano kink of mortar seda mikardan.
aga jon masoul amozesh lashkare seed o shoda bodam .........
aga jon baradar shaheedam
aga jon damad shaheedam.
aga jon man o bargardon sare karam
aga jon man mehmandar iran air bodam reesam khalafe khanoon mano ekhraj kardeh . man bayad choob ky ro bokoram.
aga jonam hoseen shaheedam 10 sale emil man name shomast khomakam kon.

ahmad farahani
Name: nadia shakeeb
City: Bahrain
Date: 7/19/2007 11:32:43 AM
  I want to Quraan Ishtekhara English site...
Name: Syed Jawed Raza Rizvi
City: Dhaka
Date: 7/12/2007 3:05:56 PM
  I want to Ishtekhara English site...
This website realy rich...
I think we more more benifited from this website...
Name: Mohammad
City: Tehran
Date: 7/5/2007 6:15:55 PM
  Dear administrator!
Thanks a lot...
Name: Hessam
City: Tehran
Date: 7/2/2007 7:03:17 PM
  Good Luck
Name: emon
City: Tehran
Date: 7/2/2007 5:02:57 PM
  Fantastic.. it's a best site!!
Name: Emon
City: Tehran
Date: 6/28/2007 9:27:00 AM
  Salamon alaikom, zalmai sadat:
i heard from a khatib that said:
" in a day a man came to prophet and said: Ya Rasoulollah! I found from your saying that enough for me to say my prayers in time and correctly! so i would be insist in it... and then went! after that Rasoulollah (pbuh) said: ' just if he do what he say, he would go to paradise! '
Yes... if you just want paradise; it is enough for you! but a great slaves don't prayer Allah (Azza va Jal) for paradise or other things!! they prayer him just fo him!!
Fi AmaneAllah
Ya Ali
Name: hakim
City: Afghanistan
Date: 6/27/2007 8:34:46 AM
  Dear Sir, Hello.

After extending sincere greetings I have got to say that I am so happy to an interesting site such yours.I have question and that is can we be a true slave of Allah only by five time praying or there is any thing more important than that?

I will be thankfull if find your response.

Best Regards.

Zalmai Sadat
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