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SMOKE (44) (al-dukhan)

Number of Verses: 59
In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Ha. Mim (44:1).

I swear by the illustrious Book (44:2).

that We have revealed the Quran on a blessed night to warn mankind (44:3).

On this night, every absolute command coming from Us becomes distinguishable (44:4).

The command that We have been sending (44:5) as a mercy (for the human being) from your Lord. Your Lord is All-hearing and All-knowing (44:6).

He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, if only you would have strong faith (44:7).

There is only One Lord. It is He who gives life and causes things to die. He is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers (44:8).

In fact, the unbelievers have doubts because of excessive involvement in worldly affairs (44:9).

Wait for the day (which will come before the Day of Judgment) when the sky will give out dense smoke (44:10)

which will smother the people. They will say, "This is a painful torment (44:11).

Lord, remove this torment from us for we are believers" (44:12).

How could this punishment bring them to their senses when a Messenger evidently had come to them, (44:13) and they turned away, saying, "He is a trained and insane person" (44:14).

We shall remove the torment for a while but you will revert to your old ways (44:15).

However, We shall truly take Our revenge on the day when the great seizure takes place (44:16).

We had certainly tested the people of the Pharaoh before them to whom a noble Messengers had come, saying, (44:17) "Send the servants of God with me. I am a trustworthy Messenger sent to you (44:18).

Do not consider yourselves above God? I shall show you a manifest authority (in support of my truthfulness) (44:19).

I seek protection from my Lord and your Lord from your decision of stoning me (44:20).

If you do not want to believe, leave me alone" (44:21).

Moses addressed his Lord, saying, "Lord, these people are sinners" (44:22). We told him, "Leave the city with My servants during the night. You will be pursued (44:23).

Cross the sea by cutting a path through it. Pharaoh's army will be drowned (44:24).

How many were the gardens, springs, (44:25) corn-fields, gracious mansions, (44:26) and other bounties which they enjoyed yet left behind! (44:27).

We gave these as an inheritance to other people (44:28).

The sky nor the earth cried for them, nor were they given respite (44:29). We rescued the Israelites from the humiliating torment (44:30) and from the Pharaoh. He was the chief of the transgressors (44:31).

We gave preference to the Israelites over the other people with Our knowledge (44:32) and sent them revelations of which some were a clear trial for them (44:33).

These people say, (44:34).

"After we die, we shall never be raised to life again (44:35).

Bring back to life our fathers if what you say is true" (44:36).

Are they better than the tribe of Tubba (name of a Yemenite tribal chief) and those who lived before them? We destroyed them. They were criminals (44:37).

We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them for Our own amusement (44:38).

We have created them for a genuine purpose, but most people do not know (44:39).

The appointed time for all of them will be the Day of Judgment (44:40) (when wrong will be distinguished from right).

On this day friends will be of no benefit to one another, nor will they receive any help (44:41) except for those to whom God grants mercy. He is Majestic and All-merciful (44:42).

The tree of Zaqqum (44:43) is food for the sinner (44:44).

It will be like molted brass which will boil in the bellies (44:45) like water (44:46). (It will be said of such sinners), "Seize them and drag them into the middle of hell (44:47).

Then pour unto their heads the boiling water to torment them" (44:48).

They will be told, "Suffer the torment. You had thought yourselves to be majestic and honorable (44:49).

This is the torment that you persistently doubted" (44:50).

The pious ones will be in a secure place (44:51) amid gardens and springs, (44:52) clothed in fine silk and rich brocade, sitting face to face with one another (44:53).

We shall unite them to maidens with big black and white lovely eyes (44:54).

They will be offered all kinds of fruits, in peace and security (44:55).

They will not experience any death other than that which they have already been through (44:56).

God will protect them from the torment of hell as a favor from your Lord. (Muhammad), this is certainly the greatest triumph (44:57)..

We have made the Quran easy for you to recite so that perhaps they may take heed (44:58).

Wait (for God's decree) and they too will be waiting (44:59).





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