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SOUL-SNATCHERS (79) (al-nazi'at)

Number of Verses: 46
In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

By the angels who violently tear-out the souls of the disbelievers from their bodies, (79:1)

by the angels who gently release the souls of the believers, (2)

by the angels who float (in the heavens by the will of God), (3)

by the angels who hasten along (4)

and by the angels who regulate the affairs, (you will certainly be resurrected) (5).

On the day when the first trumpet sound blasts (6)

and will be followed by the second one, (7)

hearts will undergo terrible trembling, (8).

and eyes will be humbly cast down (9).

(The disbelievers) say, "Shall we be brought back to life again (10) after we have become bones and dust?" (11).

They have said, "Such a resurrection will certainly be a great loss" (12).

However, it will only take a single blast (13) to bring them out of their graves and back to life on the earth's surface (14).

(Muhammad), have you heard the story of Moses (15)

when his Lord called him in the holy valley of Tuwa, (16).

saying, "Go to the Pharaoh. He has transgressed beyond all bounds (17).

And say to him, "Would you like to reform yourself? (18).

I shall guide you to your Lord so that you may perhaps have fear of Him" (19).

Moses showed him the great miracle (20)

but the Pharaoh rejected it and disobeyed (Moses) (21).


Then he turned away in a hurry, (22) and gathered his people together (23) saying, "I am your supreme lord" (24).

So God struck him with the torment of this life and the life hereafter (25).

In this there is a lesson for those who have fear of God (26).

(People), is your creation harder for God than that of the heavens, which He created, raised and established (27) high above? (28).

He has made its nights dark and its days bright (29).

After this, He spread out the earth, (30) produced water and grass therefrom, (31) then set-up firmly the mountains (32).

All this was done as a means of enjoyment for you and your cattle (33).

On the day when the great calamity comes, (34) the human being will recall whatever he has done (35).

Hell fire will become visible for those who would see it (36).

Those who have rebelled (37) and preferred the worldly life, (38) hell will be their dwelling (39).

However, those who had feared their Lord and restrained their souls from acting according to its desires (40). Paradise will be the dwelling (41).

(Muhammad), they ask you, "When will the Hour of Doom come?" (42). (Muhammad), you do not know (when and how) it will come (43).

This matter is in the hands of your Lord (44).

You are only a warner for those who fear such a day (45). On the day when they see it, it will seem to them as though they had only lived in the world for a morning and an afternoon (46).





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